Honda Celebrates 65 Years of Engineering with "Hands"

In a new commercial intended to show what the curiosity of Honda engineers has led to, we're reminded of some of the automaker's accomplishments and heritage. The commercial also serves as a nice follow-up to the "Cog" commercial that aired in the UK in the early 2000s, one that deconstructed and showed off the engineering of the European Honda Accord--known as the Acura TSX here--in a similar way. In "Hands," Honda reminds us of its motorbike and two-wheel heritage, and the general evolution the successful global automaker has taken. Lawnmowers, the HondaJet, Asimo the robot, and the Honda/Acura NSX sports car all make appearances. While the original "Cog" video took hundreds of takes to make, the newer "Hands" makes use of CGI and other technology, but still keeps the spirit of the original; Garrison Keillor even does the voiceover. You can check out the new two-minute spot, below:

Source: Honda

  • Honda NSX Hands Commercial