Honda Chief Designer: Our Cars Are Boring

By Blake Z. Rong | November 30, 2011
It’s always fun to bag on your employers. No wait—it’s usually subversive and dangerous. Labeling your own company’s designs as “boring” may sound like a death knell to your resume, but for Honda chief designer Yoshinori Asahi, he actually has the ability to do something about it. After three years of calm, quiet, and efficient cars, Asahi is ready to shake up Honda design. “Honda will make a dramatic change,” he told reporters at the Tokyo Motor Show. "Frankly speaking, we think that in the past few years the cars have been a bit boring…please wait for two or three years and then we will be more exciting." Asahi noted the EV-Ster, which we previously reported as the cumbersomely-named "Small Sports EV Concept,” as an example of how Honda will balance aggressive sports car design with the slightly less aggressive trait of electric efficiency. More importantly, design attributes from the AC-X concept will filter down to the next Accord, due for a redesign anyway—though probably not with the AC-X’s joystick steering. Though its auto-pilot mode would be a popular option here in Los Angeles.
And with news of a potential NSX successor, Asahi believes that Honda will be in the right frame of mind at capturing a sportier audience. "We want to go from efficient to exciting," said Asahi. "We'll give you the specific details when those models are released." Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Jason Davis
Jason Davis

You know, I thought it was interesting seeing a "Honda R&D" name badge in the crowd at the BRZ STI Concept debut at the LA Auto Show. Let's hope Honda is inspired...