Honda Considering a Crossover Smaller Than the CR-V

By Blake Z. Rong | January 04, 2012
Honda is looking to introduce a smaller crossover to slot underneath the CR-V in its crossover lineup. Lest you forget, the original CR-V was introduced as Honda’s smallest SUV—at least in America, anyway. A dinky spare-tired runabout based on the then-equally-tiny Civic, it not only was small, but it looked small too. But as the Civic has expanded, so has its stablemate: the new CR-V is larger (just slightly) and more mature, but it also looks the part. Hence, the need for Honda to introduce a small SUV underneath to fit between the Civic and the CR-V itself. At the earliest, it will enter production next year, with ovoid styling to mimic that of its larger brother. Honda hopes to fight Nissan’s Rogue here as well as in Europe, where it’s similar to the seemingly-unpronouncable Qashqai (that's "kash-kai" to you and me). As long as Honda comes up with a name that wasn’t created by a cat walking across a keyboard, it should do pretty well.
Source: Autocar