Honda to Construct 2015 Fit CVT in Mexico in New Plant

By | September 24, 2013
Honda, along with government and community officials, celebrate the construction of a new transmission plant in Celaya, Mexico, adjacent to the new automobile plant that will mass produce the all-new 2015 Honda Fit. This new transmission plant will be responsible for building Honda's new continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).
Thanks to an initial investment of $470 million, Honda hopes to see construction of the transmission plant to begin in late 2015, with the ability to produce 350,000 CVTs annually. "Our ability to begin operations would be impossible without the enthusiasm and support of the community, and I want to thank the state and federal governments for their efforts to help ensure the success of our operations," said Tetsuo Iwamura, COO of Honda North American Regional Operations, in a statement.
With both plants so close to each other, Honda de Mexico will increase operating efficiency to maximize local Mexican content. The new plant will also add 4,700 new employees at the Celaya transmission plant when construction is completed. Production capacity will increase from 54,000 units to 263,000 units when the transmission plant is fully operational.
Honda will roll out the new Earth Dreams Technology series CVT transmission at the new Celaya plant, which is both fuel efficient and sporty, which will meet both society and customer demands. Along with the Celaya plant, Honda currently has transmission plants in Ohio and Georgia. With the introduction of the newest plant, Honda hopes to increase production from 1.375 million units to more than 2 million units when Celaya reaches full capacity. Source: Honda