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Honda CR-V Debuts at the Orange County Auto Show

By Blake Z. Rong | September 22, 2011
Honda calls it a “concept,” but in true Honda tradition it’s one in name only. Other than the blacked-out lights, the cop-magnet window tint, and the massive 5-spoke alloy wheels, the CR-V Concept introduced at the Orange County Auto Show today is basically what the fourth-generation cute-ute will look like. The new CR-V represents an evolution over the outgoing model, which even at its age is still a bestseller. A new three-bar grille mimics the Accord Crosstour, with a wide, flat contour and a deeply aggressive bumper. Out in back the CR-V retains its now-trademark vertical taillights, and its side window shape changes from the last model’s gentle downward curve to a more angular point that's echoed in the shape of the hatch. Overall, it makes a much stronger impression in person, with an aggressiveness that the previous CR-V lacked. Honda hasn’t released specific figures or information on the upcoming CR-V, but if it’s anything like Honda claims, it will be larger with a new interior and more fuel-efficient with new engines. It will even be lighter—a rare feat in the automotive world.
  • 2012 Cr V Concept
  • 2012 Cr V Concept Profile
  • 2012 Cr V Concept Rear
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Honda Car stereo system
Honda Car stereo system

Love her color ...Could you list more pictures in interior such as Stereo system,belt,mirror ...Tks.


they finally made the CRV for men. but what man will want to say that he drives a CRV? none will. they should have rebaged the vehical. the only people you see driving CRV's are women and no women will want to drive that thing around

Car Gps
Car Gps

The 2012 Honda CR-V has already been seen, more or less, with Honda’s release of two images of the Honda CR-V Concept, but our spy photographers were still prepared to take a few shots of the production version as it endured some testing in Southern Europe. Details behind the production model are still somewhat being kept under wraps, but expect the full launch to come around in Summer 2012.