Honda CR-V’s “Leap List:” A Handy Way to Dodge Those Important Life Decisions

By Blake Z. Rong | January 05, 2012
If you’re not ready to have a baby or get married, the Honda CR-V provides a handy excuse to get out of it. After all, what better way to dodge these life-changing moments than by procrastinating about it, perfect for today’s Facebook-addicted millennial who thinks in 140 characters or less (of which I am guilty)? Honda, with these two commercials, thinks that the CR-V can help—by giving young, blandly handsome couples new and exciting things to procrastinate about. Honda’s idea for the “Leap List” campaign is all about doing stuff, not stuff like playing Call of Duty or seeing how many dollar PBRs you can consume at the local dive, but important, life-changing stuff. Graduating college, for example. Or starting a small business. Or volunteering for the Peace Corps, or skydiving, or buying a house...whatever you believe is important, depending on what users can post to the website. Honda believes that the CR-V’s practicality will help with all of those, as evident in the videos below. Besides, there are still plenty of things to do before you embark on the elements of adulthood. Start an indie band with Michael Cera, for instance. Grow out that stubble. Go “antiquing,” whatever that is. And building “killer robots” as well; just look at the blood lust in that guy’s eyes when the chainsaw-equipped spider-bot crawls out of the rear hatch. Would you want that guy near a daycare? Or, even, buy a CR-V and use it to do stuff—adventures that may nearly be as ambitious as trekking to the Arctic Circle to view the Northern Lights, or hiking the Appalachian Trail. There was a point here, but this millennial forgot where he was going with this.
Also, the ad gets the award for displaying the most informal proposal ever: "hey by the way, babe, wanna get married?" Might as well have texted it, from the bathroom, in between Angry Birds levels. (In the interests of full disclosure and geekery, I used to build Battlebots in high school, and none of our robots ever came out looking that slick. Also, chainsaws were banned from the rulebook. Oh, it's just an ad? Never mind.)

Source: Honda