Honda CR-Z Concept shows new direction at Tokyo Motor Show

By Automotive Staff | October 15, 2007
Honda has chosen the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show to take the wraps off of its CR-Z concept car. A gas-electric hybrid, this car differs from past Honda hybrids like the Insight or the current Civic Hybrid in one critical area. It has sporting intentions. While Honda is yet to release the details of its new sporting hybrid system, it has been promised to avoid the pitfalls of current hybrid systems, i.e. lackluster acceleration, excess weight, and generally poor sporting characteristics. As it stands now though, the concept is visually striking, looking lean and lithe, overtly sporty and un-hybrid like in every way. A strong corporate grill dominates the front visage, flanked by thin, aggressive, head lights. A crisp character line rises from the front fender, up and over the rear haunches, and then continues on to the rear to help frame the secondary rear backlight. There is nothing "static" about the design. Honda has sold more than 200,000 hybrid models. It has been suggested that the CR-Z will be produced in some manner.
Our take? This is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the CRX nameplate to the US. The visual cues are already there, 2 backlights, hatch, coupe, square stance, all that's lacking is a CRX badge. That should be easy enough then as only one letter would need to be changed. Regardless, in the grand scheme of things, a sporting hybrid will be a boon for enthusiast motorists and green freaks alike. via The Economic Times