Honda Cuts Lease Price on 2013 Fit EV; No, You Still Can't Buy One

By Jacob Brown | May 30, 2013
We have to admit it, we really like the 2013 Honda Fit EV, the all-electric subcompact hatch only available in a handful of dealerships. Today, we got a bit of good news and a some even better news. Out here in California, you can walk to your Honda dealer and get one; same with Oregon and a handful of markets on the other side of the country that neighbor large bodies of water. Honda says it's expanding the 2013 Honda Fit availability from 36 dealerships in said states to 200 by the end of the year. That's a good thing. The even better thing is that you can now get a 2013 Honda Fit EV for $259 per month if you're in a regionally advantageous position instead of $389 per month. This includes current lessees, which is a bit like making an extra $130 per month--more than enough to treat yourself and maybe a few guests to a nice dinner. Included in the three-year lease is a 240-volt home charging station, complimentary maintenance, and unlimited miles. still can't buy one. It's lease-only, unlike the Nissan Leaf and Toyota RAV4 EV. But it's similar in concept to the Fiat 500e, its newest competitor. In states that adhere to the California Air Resources Board emissions regulations, automakers are selling, er, leasing, more electric cars than most to make sure they can keep doing business without excessive fines. The benefit is that they're quickly developing technology to make it viable everywhere as a result, as EVs will eventually be sold nationwide. But if Honda shows us anything, as least they're getting cheaper. Source: Honda