UPDATE: Honda Expands Last Month's Side Airbag Recall To Civic, Acura MDX

By Blake Z. Rong | February 17, 2012
Honda's luck is deflating. You'll recall that at the end of January, Honda asked for the return of a few Accord and Crosstour models because their side airbags that might not deploy in a crash. Today Honda is expanding that recall to certain 2012 Civic and 2012 Acura MDX models, on the grounds that the airbags might not inflate. Like a nervous high school chemistry teacher, Honda mixed the wrong amount of inflator propellant inside the airbags when manufacturing them. This would cause the airbag to fail when deploying. No injuries have been reported from both, but Honda is playing it safe: an additional 627 vehicles are being added to the current recall, bringing the total of affected vehicles to 974. You might also remember that Subaru recently issued an airbag recall, for the exact same problem. Indeed, both companies get their airbags from the same supplier.
Then again, with a spate of scary-sounding airbag recalls in the last few months, neither Honda nor Takata would look forward to doing so. Will we see other manufacturers and their affected airbags come out of the woodwork? For now, concerned owners and drivers can contact Honda's Customer Service line at (800) 999-1009 and select option 4, or go to Honda’s recall website. Update: A call with Honda PR informed us that of the 974 vehicles affected, over 500 are yet unsold on dealer lots. Many of these cars were bought mere weeks ago, and their new owners can expect further information from Honda after the 24th if their car is one being recalled. Source: Honda Update: While this story originally speculated that Japanese supplier Takata was the source of the faulty airbags, Autoliv is under investigation by the NHTSA for the fault. We apologize for the error.