Honda FCEV Concept Debuts at L.A. Auto Show

By | November 12, 2013
Honda will give the public a glimpse of its future fuel-cell electric vehicle when the FCEV Concept debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show this month. Currently, we only have a sketch of the car to go on, but Honda says this vehicle gives significant design clues to the future production vehicle. The final version is likely to be milder, but we hope Honda retains some aggressive style elements in the grille. In the long run, the automaker's goals are as ambitious as the car's design. "Our long-term experience with fuel-cell technologies will help us pave a way towards a zero-emissions future," said Mike Accavitti, senior vice president of American Honda. Honda was a pioneer in fuel-cell systems when it leased the FCX Clarity to fleet customers starting in 2002 and to individuals in 2005. Scheduled to debut in 2015, the new fuel-cell model is expected to be the successor to the FCX Clarity.
We can look to the FCX Clarity to see the future of the new model. So far, the FCX Clarity model has not caught on with too many consumers: only two dozen, Honda says. It is available for lease. Whatever the new model may be, it will compete with Toyota's future fuel-cell vehicle, which is said to cost around $50,000. Source: Honda
Bruce Dp
Bruce Dp

fcvs make money for Oil and Auto companies. The hydrogen (h2) is not going to be made from renewable sources as touted, it is going to be made the cheapest way possible so Oil company profits are highest: it will most likely be made from natural gas, methane, ch4. And no one is talking about the disposal of the gunk left over after the reforming/extraction.

h2 prices are going to climb right along with petroleum prices. The price of the ch4 the U.S. imports is going up, and up. See

fcvs are not a solution. They are being promoted by the companies that will profit: Oil and Auto.

Either see if an EV or plugin hybrid will suit your needs, or stay with your high mpge fuel car.