Honda Fit EV Joins Zipcar's San Francisco Fleet

By Blake Z. Rong | September 17, 2012
There may only be 1,100 Honda Fit EVs in the world, but a few of them will be in San Francisco and available in the hands of ordinary people like you and me—provided that you have a Zipcar membership and aren't keen on signing a $389/month lease, you can drive around in one of the best new electric vehicles built today. Well, there aren't many electric vehicles out there in the first place. And owing to Zipcar's standards of young urban trendiness, the Fit EV's small size, limited range, and relative practicality make it perfect for running around a trendy city like San Francisco. For locals, Zipcar will station three Fit EVs at the InterContinental Hotel, the Parc 55 Hotel near the Powell St. BART station, and City Hall, with more locations to be announced later. And if you get down to the  Justin Herman Plaza over the next two days, Honda will offer free demonstrations and test drives as part of the Charge Across Town event. "The introduction of the Honda Fit EVs into the Zipcar fleet allows our members to drive one of the most technologically-advanced vehicles on the road while reducing environmental impact," said Mark Norman, the president of Zipcar. "These vehicles add to the selection of smart and sustainable options Zipcar currently offers, and will help increase overall awareness of an exciting new technology in a vehicle we know our members will love."
Zipcar and Honda are also looking to rent out the Honda Fit EV to fleets in Los Angeles and Portland by this fall. Zipcar rates for the Fit EV start at $8 per hour—well below the average cost of many other vehicles Zipcar rents. The Mazda3 hatchback currently at the Powell St. BART location starts at $10.25, for example. And Mini Cooper sedan is available at $12.25 per hour. If you're feeling plush, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class (nicknamed "Jawbreaker," to enable your mobster-movie fantasies) is a mere 2 dollars more than a Mini Cooper, which must make the Benz seem like a rare bargain. Zipcar's low rate on the Fit EV is aimed at early-adopters, for which they expect demand to go fast. Source: Zipcar