Honda City-Brake Designed to Prevent Low-Speed Accidents

Honda is introducing a new active-safety system called City-Brake, which is designed to help avoid low-speed accidents. When at speeds less than 18 mph, the new Honda City-Brake System uses a laser radar installed in the upper windscreen to detect imminent accidents. If the system identifies the risk of a possible collision, it sends out audio and visual warnings to the driver. If the driver does not try to remedy the situation, the system will automatically apply the brakes. Another feature of the City-Brake Active System is that it helps protect drivers from accidental acceleration at speeds under 6 mph or from a standstill. The driver will receive audio and visual warnings when they mistakenly press on the gas pedal instead of the brake, as well as restrict the vehicle from moving forward if there is another car approximately thirteen feet in front of them. This new system will be introduced on Honda's all-new Honda Fit, set to go on sale in Japan later this year. When asked if the new technology will make it to the U.S. market, Honda public relations gave the usual, noncommittal refusal to comment on future product.
Source: Honda