Honda Preparing NSX Successor, Hopefully For Real This Time

By Blake Z. Rong | November 29, 2011
As Justice Potter Stewart once remarked, “I’ll know it when I see it.” And likewise, we’ll know that Honda is working on a future NSX concept when we see it ourselves—which, if rumors hold true, will be at the Detroit auto show in January. Rumors have abounded for years, but this appears to be the closest we’re coming to definite news of a new NSX in concept form. Honda calls this the Super Sports Concept, and it will be similar in design and function to the Small Sports EV Concept it's exhibiting at the Tokyo Motor Show. That means a hybrid or electric drivetrain, and potentially all-wheel drive. The details are unsurprisingly slim, but Honda’s recent enthusiasm with high voltage gives this speculation some credence. Honda “knows that there are customers who want Honda sports cars,” said Honda Europe president Manabu Nishimae, “and we are developing and intending to deliver products for them.” Whether it’s anything close to the dearly departed NSX waits to be seen, but this vote of confidence marks Honda’s heart as being in the right place for enthusiasts. Source: Autocar