Honda Pumps Cash Into Ohio Engine Plants

By Blake Z. Rong | February 01, 2012
Honda plans to invest $98 million into an engine plant in the curiously-named Anna, Ohio, ahead of its plan to build next-generation powertrains, such as advanced hybrids. Japanese companies such as Honda have been investing heavily into American production; the rising strength of the yen means that it's increasingly expensive to build cars in Japan. And this is something Honda knows all too well—this powertrain expansion closely follows an investment to another Ohio plant that builds continuously-variable transmissions, to the tune of $120 million. Honda's been on a kick in the the Buckeye State, following news that the Acura NSX will be built there. Both plants will build CVT components for the 2013 Accord, which will mark Honda's first use of the transmission.  All together, Honda expects to add 150 jobs to Ohio with these two plants.
Source: The Detroit News