Honda recalls 1999-2002 Passports due to Excessive Corrosion

By Automotive Staff | December 21, 2010
Honda has issued a recall of 35,984 of its Passports SUVs built between 1998 and 2002. The automaker discovered that excessive roadway salting has on cars as a number of Passports built between 1998 and 2002 are showing signs of excessive corrosion in the rear suspension. This corrosion could cause the lower trailing link to come disconnected from the frame increasing the possibility of a crash. Only Passports in the so-called salt belt states are affected including: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio amongst others. Honda is notifying owners of affected vehicles and encouraging the owners to take their Passport to a dealer for inspection. If the lower trailing link is showing signs of excess corrosion, the dealership will replace the part. via NHTSA, Honda courtesy of Motor Trend Staff
Vancouver Dodge
Vancouver Dodge

Nice. At least they're offering free replacement for this. My brother has a Honda passport and he was thankful that this Honda initiated this.