Honda Recalls CR-Z and 2006 CR-V Models Worldwide For Power Windows, Electric Motor Software

By Blake Z. Rong | September 06, 2011
Honda has issued an extensive voluntary recall to fix the power window and engine control units on 962,000 cars worldwide, including 80,111 CR-Vs built in 2006 and 5,626 CR-Zs in the United States. On the CR-V, the water may leak into the driver's side power window switch, causing it to short circuit, overheat and possibly even catch on fire. A similar problem prompted a recall for the Honda Fit last January. A separate issue is affecting the CR-Z hybrid coupe. In models equipped with a manual transmission, the electric motor can spin in reverse when the hybrid system's battery is low. If the transmission is in gear, it can cause the car to roll backward and potentially cause an accident. Honda’s fix is a simple software change, which they believe should resolve the issue.
The recall affects Honda cars produced and sold globally, covering cars sold in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. So far, nobody has been injured from the defects. For more information, contact Honda's customer service line at 1-800-999-1009, or on Twitter at @HondaCustSvc.