Honda Recalls Ridgeline For Incorrect Spare Tire Information

By Blake Z. Rong | February 02, 2012
In almost surefire proof that a company can never be too cautious these days, Honda is recalling 2011 and 2012 Ridgeline trucks for having the wrong size spare tire. The Ridgeline normally comes with a compact, "space-saver" spare. But in certain models, a production gaffe left owners with a full-size spare. The concern here is that the spare tire inflation information listed in the Ridgeline's door jambs and owner's manual doesn't match up with the size of the spare tire. With the incorrect cold tire pressure recommendations, the spare tire could collapse and cause an accident. In theory. To reiterate how cautious Honda is, the recall affects a part of the vehicle that owners hope never to use, and in fact rarely do. Not a single injury, crash, or stubbed toe has been reported. And the amount of Ridgelines affected must be hundreds of thousands, right? Nope—just 206 Ridgelines received the incorrect spare tires. We imagine the factory worker who installed them was fired pretty quickly.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has not issued a statement or any further information regarding the Ridgeline, but Honda will be contacting owners this month. If you think your Ridgeline might need a new spare, then call Honda at (800) 999-1009 and select option 4. And don't drive over any nails. Source: Honda, NHTSA