Reworked 2013 Honda Crosstour Crossover Softly Unveiled

By Jason Davis | November 15, 2012
You might not know this, but Honda builds and sells three versions of the Accord. Yes, that's right, in addition to the Accord sedan and Accord coupe, there's the Crosstour, which until recently was called the Accord Crosstour. Not no more, though, for various reasons, many of them being that consumers just haven’t latched onto Honda’s version of the CUV. Yet. Honda has maintained that it just hasn't been marketed right. So, how is it fixing that marketing? So far, by giving it the same goods as the recently redesigned—and much improved—Honda Accord: updated engines, new transmissions, and updated exterior lines. But isn't the Honda Crosstour just a big-butted Accord? Yes, but it's also a big-butted Accord with more power, available all-wheel drive, and which also rates up to 31 mpg highway. Let's also not forget the Accord equation to this product, which should basically mean that it’s every bit as reliable and Honda’y as the Accord. Speaking of big butts, we’ll go on record to say that it’s not just "practical," but that it’s even, you know, okay. As these photos attest. New for 2013 are changes to the engines, the 192-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder, and the new 278-horsepower, EarthDreams 3.5-liter V-6. Both are equipped with a new six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Prices begin at $27,345--a $525 price cut--yet it comes with improved safety features also, such as the nifty blind-spot display, lane-departure and forward-collision warning systems. The 2013 Honda Crosstour interior also gets a makeover, with styling that's a lot closer to the 2013 Honda Accord. Like the new sedan, twin LCD screens take center stage on the dash, along with restyled faux-wood panels, redesigned buttons, and a push-button starter. Still in play is the Crosstour's large cargo area, including its under-floor storage space. Time will tell if these features and its reworked styling cues translate into a successful business model, but in the meantime, don’t be hatin' on the butt. Plenty of previously-unattractive rearends have done well in this industry. Source: Honda
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Front Top 34
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Navi Screen
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Rear 34
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Rear Hatch
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Rear
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Center Console
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Dash
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Glove Compartment
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Interior
  • 2013 Honda Crosstour Steering Wheel1