Honda Teases Two Concepts For Beijing

By Blake Z. Rong | April 10, 2012
In the days leading up to the Beijing Auto Show, Honda unveiled its business strategy for the Chinese market. It included the fact that the NSX is coming to China, the addition of three new hybrid models, and expanding production capacity at Dongfeng Honda (which builds the CR-V and the Civic). But Honda also teased two (tiny) sketches of concept cars that are headed to Beijing, for China—and who knows, we might even see them here. One of them looks like a minivan, but not just any minivan—it resembles the smaller, sleeker Odyssey that's sold in Japanese and global (read: non-American) markets. You know, this one. Another one resembles an aggressively knife-edged sedan with big, bulging front headlights, Chevy Malibu-esque flanks, and a tapered window line like on the Accord Coupe concept. Both concepts will be Chinese-only, but given the similarities between the American and Chinese markets, don't be surprised if American Honda starts to pick up interest. Of course, being Honda, the company couldn't have possibly released any less information on the two concepts other than the fact that they will exist in the material world. But we'll get a closer look when the Beijing Auto Show rolls around on April 23.
Source: Honda
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The top one looks really cool!