How Green Are You? Find Out Using Our New Facebook App

By Sam Grossman | August 18, 2011
Ever wonder how green your driving style really is? Now the answer's just a few clicks away thanks to Automotive .com's new "How Green Are You" Facebook app. The new app asks a range of questions, from "How many miles do you drive a day," to "Do you drive with your windows down?" The questionnaire only takes a couple of minutes to complete, which means you are just a couple minutes away from finding out how green you are. We ran our own cars through, and there's definitely room for improvement. Our news director Keith Buglewicz plugged in his 2000 Ford Expedition and got and score of 59 percent, making him a "Gas Pump's Best Friend." Not surprising considering the Expedition's dreadful 13 combined mpg. The result for my 2002 Acura RSX was a little better, with a score of 65 percent earning me a "The Roadmaster." Maybe I should ease into it a bit more at green lights?
Check out our new Facebook app for yourself, find out how green you are, and share it on our page.