Husky and Fuelmatics Present Automated Refueling

By | October 28, 2013
Have you ever wanted to have someone else fill up your car? Are you just too tired? Is it too cold outside? Husky and Fuelmatics have found a solution. At the 2013 PEI Convention at the NACS in Atlanta, these companies have introduced an automated drive-thru fueling station. What could possibly go wrong? During the convention, executives from the gas industry, convenience store, and service stations were able to witness live demonstrations of the automated fuel pump. The robot would open the gas tank, and position itself with the selected gas level, and fill up the car. Although the vehicle on display wasn't actually fed any gas--as there was only a side panel--questions of safety were bound to pop up. Yes, this will greatly benefit those living in frigid conditions, and those too lazy to get out of their cars, but what are the risks associated with this type of technology? For starters, a malfunction could cause excess gas to spill out from the nozzle, the automated pump could miss the fuel tank completely, and your car could get some serious scratches. What if the robot doesn't let go of your fuel tank cover? That's just one more thing you'd have to fix. Let's just hope this thing doesn't spark and cause an explosion.
Watch the video below to see this latest technology in action. Source: Husky Corporation via YouTube