Hybrid Cadillac ELR Coupe, Spied

By Blake Z. Rong | September 11, 2012
It's been years since Cadillac had a unique, proper coupe of its own—and not just the CTS Coupe, which shares its bones with the CTS Sedan and Wagon. Think Eldorado here. Think Elvis. If Elvis was still around today, would he roll in a Cadillac ELR? If these spy shots are to believed, then maybe—and especially with the razzle-dazzle camouflage. The ELR is Cadillac's version of the Chevrolet Volt, if such a question needed asking in the first place. A range-extending hybrid coupe is the luxury brand's token nod to environmental friendliness, and the ELR does so by sharing its chassis and drivetrain with the Volt's. Though in true Cadillac form, it could gain more power and more prestige than the Volt's standard 149-horsepower electric motor. And it already looks better. We've seen production versions of the ELR, which is almost entirely unchanged from 2009's Converj concept, and its wedgy look and tall head- and taillights mimic the concept's far more successfully than the Volt did with its own. Sharp lines define the sides and Cadillac's familiar egg-shaped grille up front. Cadillac may be toning down its "Art and Science" design theme, but from the side it still looks sharp enough to cut vegetables. Cadillac won't be debuting the production model until next year's Pebble Beach, August of 2013. Until then, you'll just have to sit tight for details of Cadillac's range-extending electric drivetrain to surface, and check out Motor Trend's full gallery of spy shots. Source: Motor Trend