Hybrid Car Sales to rise in 2010 while Diesel Interest Falls

By Automotive Staff | December 18, 2009
Auto industry pundits are predicting that sales of gas-electric hybrid vehicles will rise in 2010. According to the Detroit News, U.S. auto sales will reach 11.5 million units in 2010. Meanwhile, hybrids are expected to increase their share of the market to 3.2 percent in 2010. Market share this year is 2.8 percent. Hybrid share of the market will grow by about half a percentage point each year for the foreseeable future. Electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and the range-extended Chevrolet Volt will enter the market in 2010. But it is expected that these cars will account for only 1 percent of total sales. Diesel powered-light vehicles’ share of the U.S. market, on the other hand, is expected to drop in 2010 to 2.1 percent. It reached 2.2 percent this year. Emission regulations are to blame, say analysts.