Hybrids, Redesigns, and the Return of the RSX in Acura's Future

By Trevor Dorchies | August 04, 2011
Over the next few years Acura will introducing hybrids, re-introduce a popular model, and kill off another. Discontinued in 2006, the RSX will return as a bigger entry-level sedan in the spring of 2013. A coupe version is also expected to arrive in 2015, and many dealers have already inquired about the possibility of a convertible hardtop. We're also hearing there's a chance that the TSX will disappear from Acura's lineup at the end of 2013. Acura is stepping away from its "keen edge" designs, which may mean the controversial "beak" grille design may have seen its final days. The Honda luxury brand will also focus on launching a hybrid model, which could be seen as early as next year.  Then there's the NSX sports car, widely rumored to be ready to return in some form, but not likely before mid-decade at the earliest. What's Hot: Don't call it a comeback: The RSX will return to Acura's lineup in the spring of 2013. The target competition for the RSX will be the Lexus CT 200h and BMW's upcoming lineup of front-wheel-drive cars. Expect a 210 horsepower four-cylinder engine, comparable to the one found in the Civic Si, sedan and eventually coupe body styles. What's Not: The death of the TSX. It's too bad the TSX never caught on with car buyers, because it's actually a pretty good sporty sedan. However, sales have declined since its peak of 38,035 in 2006.
As for the rest of the Acura lineup:
  • RDX: Expected to be redesigned for the summer of 2012; turbo engine replaced with non-turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder, with a hybrid version available.
  • RL: Although the Japanese version of the RL, known as the Honda Legend, will be killed off, Acura's slow-selling flagship will remain in the lineup, with some tweaks in late 2012.
  • MDX: Acura's big crossover will be redesigned for the fall of 2012, with a fuel-efficient hybrid model joining the more powerful standard version; both will have V-6 engines.
  • TL: A redesigned model isn't expected to come about until 2013; will likely be slightly smaller than the current model.
  • ZDX: The crossover was just introduced a couple of years ago, and no redesigns are expected for the immediate future.
  • NSX: Maybe 2014? Maybe later? Maybe not at all?
Source: Consumer Reports