Hyundai Convertible in the Works

By Joel Arellano | November 16, 2006
Earlier this week, Hyundai Motor Co. announced plans to start production of convertibles, a first for the Korean automaker. According to the Chosun Ilbo, executives are currently in discussion with Webasto, a convertible automaker to produce the vehile, a mid-sized sedan currently name the “FD”. The automaker hopes that such a car will improve its brand image even though, historically, convertibles have been niche products and not profitable ones at that. The convertibles will be produce at the company’s plant in the Czech Republic with production to begin in 2009. Our take? We think Hyundai is taking a bold but risky move with the production of convertibles. Ultimately, it will benefit the consumer who will suddenly have even more choices on what to drive on a sunny day. Additional article: Kia to join hard-top convertible revolution? Via Chosun