Hyundai Does Stuff Right, and It Shows: Extends Sonata Hybrid Warranty To Cover Batteries

By Blake Z. Rong | January 13, 2012
People like Hyundai. People really, really like Hyundai for things such as their ten-year warranty, a slew of new products, and Jeff Bridges’ soothing, whiskey-dipped voice. And people also really like Hyundai because, occasionally, the company does stuff like this: Expanding its warranty program to cover the batteries on the Sonata Hybrid, for the entire life of the car. Hyundai’s Lifetime Battery Replacement Guarantee will swap out the Sonata Hybrid’s lithium polymer batteries in case they ever go wrong, no matter if the original owner still owns the car. Part of the Hyundai Assurance campaign, the company will also take the time to recycle the old battery As a result of stuff like this, Hyundai has the highest customer retention rate among carmakers in America. According to perennial number crunchers JD Power and Associates, 64 percent of new Hyundais were bought by people who already had one in their garage.  Hyundai finished above Ford and Honda, both of whom have retention rates of 60 percent, and well above the industry’s average of 49 percent.
"Hyundai's increased retention rate is shaped by its expanding model lineup,” said Raffi Festekjian, director of automotive product research at J.D. Power and Associates, “as well as the fact that perceptions of the brand's quality and appeal have continued to improve during the past decade.” Hyundai doesn’t foresee the batteries having a problem, as their spokespeople claim that the batteries have been tested for way past the expected life of the vehicle. But just in case (though certainly not spurred on by just this), Hyundai is also investing $15 million into expanding a Hot/Cold Weather Testing facility in Michigan, which can test between a temperature range from 40-below to more than 245 degrees, and also promises to add 50 jobs to the state. See, Hyundai? You make it hard to dislike you. Sources: Automotive News, Auto Remarketing