Hyundai Features Digital "Test Drive" With Google Maps

By Matthew Askari | September 24, 2012
In yet another reminder of changing times, it appears even test drives are going digital. Hyundai has created an online tool that will use Google Maps and Google Street View to help you virtually "test drive" one of its three new Hyundai Elantra models, or at least see a digital rendering of what an Elantra could look like on familiar streets. The tool doesn't really offer a test-drive experience, but what makes it unique, is you can input your own address and see what your new Elantra could look like in your very own driveway. The tool lets you choose exactly where you'd like to park on your driveway, and allows you to try out different exterior colors to see what looks best in front of your home. We gave the tool a go on, opting for the European-inspired 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT. After choosing our color, we inputted my old address. Being an apartment building with gated and covered parking, Google naturally just plopped the Elantra GT in the middle of the street. So we tried our office address, and sadly the tool said there are no street views for our office. We entered the nearest intersection, which -- as the above image indicates -- is not an ideal place to park. So we'd recommend having a proper, household driveway before using the tool. And even if you don't, the Driveway Decision Maker is fun and playful.
Source: Hyundai