Hyundai Genesis Gets Advertising Blitz

By Automotive Staff | September 09, 2008
Hyundai already has built a reputation for offering nice, small, inexpensive vehicles. The automaker, though, is not content in such a position. It has recently introduced a luxury car called Genesis. Matching luxury marques like BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz in feature tests, Genesis also is sold for a price that is much less than its competition. Oops. It shouldn’t be to anyone’s surprise that U.S. luxury buyers do not consider the Genesis as a luxury car. Luxury car buyers, to be blunt, do not put price as a major selling point on their "keeping up with the Trumps" list of priorities. Hyundai, realizing this fact, intends to do something about it. The automaker plans to spend $80 million to advertise the Genesis toward luxury car buyers. But instead of hitting the consumer over the head that the Genesis is a luxury brand, Hyundai will sell the car based on its own merit. The idea is why shouldn’t someone in the luxury car market buy a cheaper, excuse us, less expensive car that offers so much fuel economy? The auto press seems to like the car. Editors like the design inside and out, and its rear wheel drive as well as its performance and handling. So can Hyundai get the luxury car consumer to look at the car as the editors of car magazines do? Or will the rich hold their noses high as they bring in their Bimmers or Benzs into the shop. Again. via Los Angeles Times