Hyundai Intrado Concept Teased Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

By Matthew Askari | December 10, 2013
We're months away from the Geneva Auto Show, but that's not stopping Hyundai from teasing the Hyundai Intrado Concept. The Intrado, codenamed HED-9—an acronym for the ninth car built at the Hyundai European Design center in Russelsheim, Germany—reflects Fluidic Sculpture 2.0, or the next-generation of Hyundai's "Fludic Sculpture" design language. The Korean automaker says the Hyundai Intrado Concept features lightweight construction using advanced materials and revolutionary construction, though it doesn't offer specifics. Hyundai does say however that the Intrado HED-9 will employ a next-generation hydrogen fuel cell, one that is smaller and lighter than the 2015 Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. Hyundai surprised media at the LA Auto Show last month by unveiling the first mass production fuel cell vehicle, creating a unique program with a fixed price and unlimited fuel. The Hyundai European Design center may have been pegged as Europe's fuel cell infrastructure is more advanced than America's. Peter Schreyer, chief design officer of Hyundai Motor Group said "Hyundai Intrado envisages a motoring future that encapsulates the efficiency and freedom associated with flying. I believe in the power of mobility to deliver emotional as well as physical connections and this car helps us find again the joy of discovery." We'll continue to follow up with new details as they become available ahead of the Geneva unveiling.
Source: Hyundai