Hyundai Mulls Separate Genesis Luxury Brand

By Matthew Askari | February 13, 2012
If BMW or Infiniti made the Genesis Coupe, would it be more appealing? The Hyundai Equus, Hyundai Genesis, and Hyundai Genesis Coupe are extremely good cars, but does the Hyundai name deter premium-car buyers? Are label-conscious buyers opting for mechanically similar cars with more cachet? This is the dilemma the Korean automaker faces, and according to a report by Automotive News, Hyundai might be doing something about it. The report cites vice president of sales at Hyundai, Dave Zuchowski as saying, "there's a conversation going on within the company that says, 'Does Hyundai having the Hyundai badge on the premium vehicles sell more vehicles, or does it restrict us from selling more vehicles?" The question is fair; our staff got to drive the 2012 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec a couple months back. One of the sticking points is you're shelling out top-shelf money for what most people assume is the well. And some Equus and Genesis buyers will have to justify paying $50-60k for a Hyundai. At the same time, it can be argued that no automaker is able to offer you more for the money. Luxury buyers too, are a mixed lot. Some might revere the inherent value in Hyundai's premium segments, but others want the notion of prestige that's difficult to come by when you've got discount-priced Accent and Elantra models floating all over the place. The move would replace the Hyundai "H" badge with a new one created for the Genesis brand that would still be sold on Hyundai lots. Would the move put the naysayers at bay? There's just no telling yet. Hyundai hasn't made any decisions one way or the other, but we'll be closely following the story.
Source: Automotive News (subscription required)