Hyundai "N" Sub-Brand to Focus on Performance

By | December 10, 2013
Hyundai is aggressively rebranding itself with a number of models that lie outside of the econobox and small car realm. The Korean automaker entered the luxury market with the Genesis line and will soon join the performance car market with a new "N" sub-brand of cars. The N line, named after the automaker's R&D plant in Namyang, Korea, will be used on a range of high performance cars built by Hyundai. The launch of Hyundai N coincides with Hyundai Motorsport's debut at the 2014 FIA World Rally Championship. The i20 WRC, which will compete at the rally next month and is about the size of the U.S.-market Hyundai Accent, will be the first car to bear the new branding. This will likely provide inspiration for future models. "'N' brings together Hyundai Motor's technology and innovation with the learning from motorsport to provide a new experience for customers," Hyundai said of the new line in a recent statement. Other cars to receive the N treatment will likely include a range of hatchbacks.
Although the Hyundai N line is named after its center in Korea, the sub-brand will actually be based in Alzenau, Germany, located near Frankfurt, which could be justified by the automaker's new Nurburgring research center. Hyundai is hoping to increase its presence in Europe and grow market share in the region to five percent by 2020. Source: Hyundai, Autocar