Idiot Burglar Breaks into Judge’s Car After Exiting Courtroom

By Jason Davis | June 14, 2012
Everyone loves a good idiot story, especially when irony and shame are involved. So don’t withhold your anonymous, internet scorn for a 32 year-old homeless San Francisco man. Phillip Bernard, a convicted auto burglar, was in Judge Lillian Sing’s community courtroom on Tuesday where she heard about Bernard’s probation progress. Bernard had missed a previous appearance, and according to the San Francisco Chronicle, had also not met probation requirements. But after a good stern talking to, in which Sing advised Bernard to find a job and enroll in a “harm reduction program,” Bernard exited the courtroom and proved that the California legal system is a joke. After exiting the courtroom, two beat cops passing by the Polk St. courtroom back alley found Bernard with a weighted sock. He had just smashed the rear window of a parked car. Of course, that car belonged to Judge Lillian Sing. "I wasn't too happy with him," Sing said. “He did it right under my nose.” Bernard is now back in jail—no doubt getting his “three hots and a cot,” and is scheduled to be in Superior Court next Tuesday. Source: The San Francisco Chronicle