Ignition Episode 60: Does the 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Bridge the Gap Between Expectation and Reality?

By Jacob Brown | April 01, 2013
If you look at a 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, otherwise simply known as the Evo, longingly, chances are you're part of the Gran Turismo generation. You drove this car before Mitsubishi started selling it in the U.S. because Sony graciously gave you access via your Playstation controller. But then Mitsubishi launched the car in the U.S., and you got nervous. There was a chance that this supposed giant killer of a $35,000 could be a letdown. On this week's episode of Ignition, host Carlos Lago sees if that's the case. Taking a five-speed manual Evo GSR, Lago throws the car through its paces, putting down the same sportscar-shaming figures it always has. Much of the competition has caught up to its power ratings--the Evo only has 291 horsepower. But the Evo has kept that magic that's made it the rally-destroying beast that it is. Is the car any good on a track? Yes. Does it make much sense on the open road? Eh, not so much. When the two meet in the middle and you realize that you're going to have to live with this car, does it disappoint? Well, you're going to have to watch the video to find out.

Source: Motor Trend via YouTube