Ignition Episode 74: Mazda Super20

On this episode of Motor Trend's Ignition, Carlos Lago takes the Mazda Super20, a former SEMA show car originally built to celebrate 20 years of the Miata, out for a spin. The Super20 highlights the car's ties to the motorsport world, and packs racing tires and a supercharger, making this Miata more than capable on the track and mountain roads. The Mazda Super20 was originally built for car shows, gaining cosmetic upgrades like an orange roll bar and updated interior, as well as a lower and wider body and fog lights that look like fangs. Even with its show background, the Super20 performs as a Miata should, extending the aspects that make the car so fun to drive Lago, who likes to compare the cars he drives to music, declares the Mazda Super20 a harmonious car to drive down the road, where a car like the Nissan GT-R screams a punk rock in-your-face attitude. For a car with only 225 horsepower, it performs very well, impressing Lago, and makes him hopeful for what Mazda may build in the future.
Watch the video below to see just how well the Super20 performs on both the track and mountain roads. Source: Motor Trend via YouTube