Ignition Episode 88: Another BMW M5

By | October 14, 2013
This week's episode of Motor Trend's Ignition brings us another BMW M5, only this time it's the 2014 BMW M5 Competition Package. Carlos Lago takes the newest edition out for a spin at Hyundai's Proving Grounds, testing out the new improvements and adjustments implemented to improve performance and driver satisfaction. But even with all these changes, is the new BMW M5 a better driver's car? So what does the Competition Package add? For starters, it adds another $7,300 to the already high price tag. The package itself, though, doesn't provide a single significant change, but rather an abundance of small adjustments that total into something much greater. The M5 equipped with the new package is faster, has more power, improved steering, better control, stiffer suspension, and a lowered ride height. There weren't significant time improvements when going through the standard tests, including 0 to 60, the quarter mile, or the Figure 8, but braking did improve. The only real question we can ask ourselves about the new package is, "Why wasn't the new M5 like this out of the gate?"
We don't want to give everything away, so watch the video below to hear what Carlos Lago has to say and see if the 2014 BMW M5 with the Competition Package has managed to become a better driver's car. Source: Motor Trend via YouTube