Supercar Sunday: Jaguar F-Type Take Two

By | November 17, 2013
Motor Trend has already taken the 2014 Jaguar F-Type for a spin in the latest episode of Ignition, and even though Testing Director Kim Reynolds has driven every model in the lineup and compared it to its E-Type predecessor, that wasn't enough. Motor Trend road tester Carlos Lago has decided to take the F-Type out for another spin on the roads in Malibu, CA. Does it pick up where the legendary E-Type left off? We can talk about how it performed in the standard battery of tests, but that doesn't really showcase real-world performance numbers. It's on par with other luxury sports cars much smaller and lighter, and is able to go as fast and keep pace without much effort. Lago firmly believes this is truly the spiritual successor to the E-Type, which is seen in both the design and performance. We already know how powerful this car is, and how great the engine sounds when you step on the acceleration. Lago even goes as far as to say it has "the most ludicrous-sounding exhausts in a sports car." Looking at the design, the exterior is clean and aggressive, with an interior that offers luxurious touches throughout. But what makes this car so special? We don't want to give everything away, so watch the video below to hear Carlos Lago's opinions and see the F-Type in action. Source: Motor Trend via YouTube