Ignition: Is the Mustang GT The Poor Man's Mustang Boss 302?

By Blake Z. Rong | June 25, 2012
Is a Boss 302 Mustang too far out of your reach? Here's a fun fact: there will only be 8,000 Boss 302 Mustangs built in two years, just 4,000 a year. By contrast, Ford built 10,427 Mustangs in May alone. At this rate, you're better off stealing the original 1969 Boss 302 from Jay Leno's house, or cyrogenically freezing yourself just in time for Barrett-Jackson 2050. But is the regular Mustang GT—at a cheapo $30,300—a worthy match for the Boss 302 with the obligatory Laguna Seca package? Motor Trend asked Carlos Lago to find out on the latest episode of Ignition. And, long story short—to truly get the death-defying, world-conquering performance of the Boss 302, you'd need to add the $6,995 Laguna Seca Package, which adds a 3.73 Torsen limited-slip differential, Recaro seats, the faint illusion of what used to be a back seat, and super-sticky 19-inch R-comp tires that couldn't be described with any other word except "bitchin'." For the faint of heart, that car extracts $49,990 out of the wallets of track-day nerds.
But at $40,255, the Red Candy-painted, Vanilla-Ice-approved 5.0 GT ain't cheap either. Is it the poor man's Boss 302? It's certainly fun on a bun. And while the Laguna Seca can do superhuman stunts at its namesake race track, it does so at a pretty penny more. Watch the full story on Ignition and decide for yourself.

Source: Motor Trend