IIHS Shows Behind The Scenes Crash Tests in New Video Series

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has launched an eight-part series that takes viewers inside the Institute's Vehicle Research Center in Ruckersville, Virginia. The Institute goes behind the scenes to show how crash test dummies work, and how the IIHS engineers crash and evaluate the safety of every new car, SUV, minivan, and pickups each year. The series will run through early July, with a new video posted every Tuesday. Already, two videos have been posted, "Crash Test Dummies at Work" and "Frontal Offset Testing." The first video showcases the different tests performed on the dummies as well as the different types, including size, age, and directional impact. The next video takes the viewer inside the official Frontal Offset Test performed on vehicles as part of the safety tests. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for the latest installment of Inside IIHS to learn what it takes to keep vehicles safe. Take a look at the latest videos in the series below.

Crash Test Dummies at Work

Frontal Offset Testing

Source: IIHS via YouTube

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