In California, GPS Units can now Legally sit on Car Windshield

By Automotive Staff | October 08, 2008
Many of the mobile GPS navigation devices are designed to be mounted to the windshield of a car using suction cups. Individuals in positions of authority in some states considered this a hazard because the location for placement on the windshield could block the driver’s view of the road. As a result, many states had prohibited the use of GPS devices that had to be mounted to the windshield. One of those states was California. Not anymore. A law was passed by the California Legislature and signed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that allows the use of GPS products that mount on the windshield. However, the law does demand that the device be placed on the lower left or lower right corner of the windshield. The law starts to be enforced on January 1, 2009. Minnesota is now the only state that outlaws the use of GPS devices that mount to the windshield. via Consumer Reports