Incentives Roundup: Our Hot Picks for April 2013

By Automotive Staff | April 08, 2013
In the grand dance between dealer and customer, incentives often play the role of matchmaker. Automakers use these spiffs as an extra enticement to get buyers into cars, and those buyers will often wait until incentives appear on their selected ride before finally sitting down to negotiate a price. Some vehicles get incentives because a new model is coming out soon. Other vehicles get them so they can earn best-selling bragging rights in their class. And still others get them simply because there doesnt seem to be a way to sell the cars without them. Every month, the landscape changes, and we take a look at new incentives are out there. But that's not all. A bargain on a lousy car isn't really a bargain, so we pick 10 vehicles--with maybe a bit of fudging--that we would feel comfortable recommending to our own friends and family. Are these the best cars on the market? No, not always. But they're at least solid vehicles, and any money on the hood makes them a better value. So if you're in the market, and you want to know where we stand, check out our picks for April's best incentives.