Infiniti Announces Pricing For G Coupe, Convertible, IPL

By Blake Z. Rong | June 07, 2012
Pricing for the Infiniti G coupe and convertible have been announced, along with its go-faster, "IPL" range. If you just have to get into a G, any G, the coupe starts at $39,800 with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The six-speed manual starts $5,100 above that, at $44,900. An automatic all-wheel-drive model splits the two at $41,450. For convertible models, pricing for the G37 convertible begins at $47,200. The manual is $52,000. The IPL package bumps up the power to 343 and adds an exhaust, 19-inch alloy wheels, the choice of a red interior, and a stricter choice of just white or black paint. For the privilege, the automatic coupe is priced at $52,400; its manual variant is $50,500, and a convertible is $60,600.
None of the prices include taxes, title, registration, or the destination charge of $895. To compare, one of Infiniti's main competitors is the Lexus IS, which starts at $41,190 for the smaller-engined IS 250 convertible. And that's even with a manual transmission: it's curious that Infiniti won't let enthusiasts row their own with a manual for cheap, because a near-$5,000 difference for a six-speed seems a little drastic. At this price Infiniti is blowing past its main Japanese rival and aiming at the Germans: the BMW 328i convertible starts a mere $400 more than the G37. Both cars have far less power, though—204 for the Lexus, and 230 for the BMW. The G37 smokes them from the trees with 325 horsepower from its only engine choice, a 3.7-liter V-6. Meanwhile, the "big-block" 335i starts at $53,800, and a shiny little s on the back of that badge is an eye-watering $60,800—which, given the price of the IPL G Convertible, makes us think that Infiniti is copying BMW's homework. Still, compared to the Bimmers, the base G convertible is a veritable bargain. Enjoy, sunbathers. Source: Infiniti