Infiniti CEO Says Company Looking at Expanding with Halo Car, Diesel Engines

By Jacob Brown | September 16, 2013
Now that Infiniti is its own entity in the Nissan Motors hierarchy and is branching out well beyond the U.S., the automaker is looking at expanding its lineup. If CEO Johan de Nysschen's comments made at the Frankfurt Motor Show are to be taken at face value, that could mean five new vehicles, including a top-range halo car, and new powertrains.
At the Frankfurt Motor Show, de Nysschen said the Infiniti Q30 would be the first of five new vehicles, expanding the range to 11 vehicles when it's all said and done. Other models de Nysschen talked about included a halo car and a coupe version of the Infiniti Q70, which you knew last year as the Infiniti M.
Infiniti is expanding its presence overseas, and it will be adding some Mercedes-Benz-sourced diesel engines to its lineup. Conversely, it is widely expected that the Infiniti Q30 will adopt the same chassis as the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class. Other models expected to follow are an electric car, a supercar, and a crossover or two to fill the gaps in the brand's lineup. Infiniti owns the rights to everything between Q10 and Q100 as well as QX10 and QX100, and you better believe that it will use most of them.
"By 2020, we will be covering, by our definition, about 90 percent of the segments that we want," de Nysschen said in an interview with Automotive News. The Infiniti Q30 is expected to reach production in 2015 and will supplant the Infiniti G37 at the base of Infiniti's lineup, at least initially. Infiniti is targeting 500,000 annual sales by 2017, up from the 170,000 it sold last year, mostly through the U.S. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)