Infiniti Developing New Entry-Level Crossover

Thanks to the partnership between Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz, an entry-level Infiniti QX30 crossover may soon enter the lineup, positioned below what's currently known as the EX, but will be renamed the QX50 for the 2014 model year. In a surprising twist, it will be built on the same Mercedes chassis that is used for the CLA-Class and GLA-Class. The new QX30 will resemble the brand's Etherea concept, making it almost as high as a crossover, and it will also feature a hatchback. It is projected that 60,000 units of this vehicle will be produced annually, and it will potentially make its way to the states. Currently, Infiniti's lineup is mostly filled with rear-wheel drive vehicles like the G37 and EX, FX, and QX SUVs, with the only front-wheel drive vehicles being the JX. It looks as if Nissan's luxury brand will be offering both front- and rear-wheel drive models as it continues to make a greater impact on the global luxury car segment. Infiniti still plans to produce a fully electric vehicle using the Nissan Leaf platform, but the production car is being delayed because its headline technology will be inductive charging, where owners simply park their cars over a charging pad and it does the rest. "The technology works, but there's no global homologation. We're hoping for a global open-architecture standard, and we're working with Daimler and Renault for that," Said Infiniti chief Andy Palmer in a recent interview. Source: Motor Trend