Infiniti Emerg-E Concept to Run For First Time at This Weekend's Goodwood Festival

By Jacob Brown | June 29, 2012
After seeing it sitting on a show stand in Geneva, the powers that be at Infiniti thought their Emerg-E concept car would look better on the race track. So with the help of the U.K. government's Technology Strategy Board, Lotus Engineering, and several other firms, Infiniti decided to put its money where its mouth was and build a running example for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend. "Normally these motorshow concepts have a small electric motor fitted in them, just enough to move them on and off the stand," says Nissan Europe's technology vice president Jerry Hardcastle. "We said, how about putting a real car under there and showing what it would look like as a running vehicle, and at the same time use this collaboration of U.K. companies to demonstrate the U.K.'s capability in this area." Instead on building a car from scratch, the Infiniti crew got a pre-existing platform from the Lotus Evora sports car. But Infiniti used a proprietary 402-horsepower, two-electric motor system driving the rear wheels. Along with a battery pack, Infiniti says it's good for a 30-mile range on electricity alone. Lotus supplied its own 1.2-liter, 47-horsepower three-cylinder engine to serve as an onboard generator for when the batteries run out of juice. The power is fed to the ground via a one-speed transmission that Infiniti says allows the car to hit 60 mph in 4.0 seconds on the way up to a 130 mph top speed.
With the Infiniti Emerg-E concept, the automaker says it wants to investigate not only the technologies behind a range-extending hybrid in practical application but also the possibility of adding a mid-engine supercar to its lineup. Nissan has the 545-horsepower Nissan GT-R slaying competition in its lineup, but it was recently said Infiniti would not be basing a car off the GT-R anytime soon. That leaves Nissan's luxury brand to fend for itself and make its own style sports car. Infiniti plans on making three passes through the U.K.'s Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend to show the car in motion, using some of its pro drivers to test it. After this weekend, it's all a matter of the guys behind the scene evaluating the Emerg-E as to whether or not it's production-viable. We certainly hope it is. Source: Infiniti