Infiniti Looks to Turn Dreams Into Reality Cars

By Automotive Staff | September 06, 2007
Nissan's sporty/luxury brand Infiniti is looking to expanding its stable of models.And if you're a fan of the soon-to-arrive-in the 'states Nissan GT-R, that's real good news. According to Motor Trend, the next new introduction from the automaker will be a high end sports car somewhat similar to GT-R. The talk is that while the GT-R was being developed, there was a lot of discussion in the corporate office of whether it should be a Nissan or an Infiniti when introduced into the U.S. market. Obviously, those supporting the idea that it be a Nissan won. But a logical next step is to release an Infiniti sports car with the underpinnings of the GT-R.
Infiniti is also considering the development of a smaller car than its current G coupe and sedan with a similiarly equipped engine. Right now, the smallest engine Infiniti has is a 3.5 liter, V-6. Then there is also a larger, crossover type vehicle being considered as well. This new model, if done, would join Infiniti's crossover consisting of the FX and recently revealed EX (pictured), which will be released in December. Our take? Looks like the guys at Infiniti who have the responsibility of dreaming have been busy. Uh, do they need more sleep aids?