Infiniti Moving Global HQ from Japan to Hong Kong

By Trevor Dorchies | November 02, 2011
As if you needed proof of China's rapidly growing importance on a global scale here's some more. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Has announced it will be uprooting its Infiniti luxury brand, moving its global headquarters from Yokohama, Japan to Hong Kong. Infiniti's goal of selling 500,000 vehicles a year worldwide coupled with China's fast growing market spurred the move. It's also part of an effort to separate Infiniti from its much more wide-spread sibling Nissan. China's growth, along with other countries in Southeast Asia, is expected to be a driving force behind Infiniti's expansion strategy. Infiniti expects its new facility to be ready for daily operations in April 2012. The new headquarters will be co-located with Nissan Global Company Limited, which is a new corporate body. “As Infiniti grows its presence in the global luxury markets of North America, Europe, China and South East Asia, we selected Hong Kong as the optimum location for our new global Infiniti headquarters,” said Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “We see an opportunity to reinforce Asian hospitality within the Infiniti brand, distinct from both Nissan and our facing luxury competitors. We are proud to be the only automaker that will call Hong Kong home."
With Infiniti now under the umbrella of the Nissan Global structure, corporate doings in Hong Kong will spearhead the achievement of goals in a business plan known as "Nissan Power 88." This is a six-year business plan that will speed up the company's growth in new segments and markets. While the corporate headquarters is moving, the engineering and manufacturing of Infiniti products is expected to stay where it is. About 100 people are expected to fill staffing positions in Hong Kong and corporate functions are expected to mirror the operations still taking place back in Yokohama. More details on Nissan's new global headquarters will be made available at a later date, so you corporate watchers stay tuned. Source: Nissan