Infiniti Releases Third Image of JX Crossover Concept

By Trevor Dorchies | July 26, 2011
Infiniti continues to dribble teaser pictures of its upcoming JX Crossover Concept, stirring up attention for the new model before the concept's official unveiling in August at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The newest image is an over-the-shoulder shot showcasing the roof and side silhouette of Infiniti's newest addition to its line-up. Infiniti will continue to release another teaser image of the JX over the next four Thursdays at 7:07 a.m., rounding out seven total images to be seen by the public before its unveiling. The production version of the JX will make its first appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, and will likely go on sale in the spring. It will slot above the EX and FX, but under the all-conquering QX56 in Infiniti's lineup. Styling wise, it keys off Infiniti's swooping styling, with aggressive flares near the bottom of the doors, and a thick lip protruding from the doors themselves. The roof appears to float above the rest of the body thanks to blacked out window frames, and the S-shaped curve of the rearmost roof pillar gives the impression of a sloping roof. It's a little hard to get a clear picture of the whole car, which of course is the whole idea. We like some of what we see, but aren't so sure about some of the other details. We'll get a better idea of what the finished product looks like when the JX Crossover Concept is finally unveiled at Pebble Beach in a few weeks.
Source: Infiniti