Infiniti's Angry Emerg-E Concept Leaked Before Geneva Debut

By Blake Z. Rong | February 13, 2012
For those of us willing to wade  through online patent drawings, you can dig up some pretty cool stuff. An inflatable rug, for instance, or a high-five machine. And given the necessity for carmakers to secure their designs—there are enough accusations of plagiarism in the industry already—picking through patent drawings for sneak previews of upcoming cars is a turkey shoot, one that undoubtedly makes spy photographers nervous. The Emerg-E is Infiniti's vision of a sleek, luxurious electric/hybrid sports car, featuring a gasoline range-extending engine coupled to its electric drivetrain for far-reaching, zero-emissions performance. The lifeless drawings indicate a mid-engined setup, wrapped underneath swoopy bodywork and sharp edges. More to the point, the drawings show off Infiniti's angry, pinched-cheek grille, resembling some sort of metallic angler fish. With angular headlights and creases running down the hood that resemble furrowed brows, we wonder what we've done to enrage the Infiniti so much. Paint red fangs on it and drive around like a modern-day incarnation of the Deathmobile from Animal House. If the Emerg-E and the Dodge Charger ever had a love child, the result would be the automotive equivalent of Ox Baker.
You get the idea. With its patent all but secure, the EMERG-E will debut in its current antagonized state at the Geneva Motor Show this March, where you can see it in the flesh. Just don't get too close to it, of course. It can smell fear. Source: Autoevolution