Releases "Uh-Oh! Calculator" to Tell You How Badly That Citation Will Cost You

By Trevor Dorchies | May 21, 2012
Eeveryone hates getting traffic tickets. Not only does the citation lighten your wallet, in some states your driving record will take a hit, while other states increase the price of your auto insurance. Now, thanks to's new "Uh-Oh! Calculator," you can see just how much that citation or accident is going to hurt your driving record and insurance premium. The calculator works by allowing the user to figure out the average increase to your auto insurance policy for 14 of the most common offenses. The offense that costs the most? Reckless driving, which bumps your insurance by an average 22 percent, while a seat belt infraction only carries a three percent increase. These percentages attached to certain offenses are drawn from analyzing more than 490,000 auto insurance quotes given out to drivers. "We all make mistakes, and doing so while driving will cost you. Of course, you'll know immediately how much you owe for your ticket, but often you won't know the impact of the ticket on your car insurance rate until you get your renewal from your insurer," said Michelle Megna, managing editor of "The ‘Uh-Oh! Calculator’ helps ease ticket trauma by showing how much more you'll likely pay."
To calculate how much a certain offense will cost you, type in your age, state, marital status, length of time you've been with your current insurance company, and if you own a rent your current dwelling. The calculator also offers you the ability to see how certain penalties will affect you depending on what state you live in. You can see the chart of infractions and the percentage weight it carries below.
  1. Reckless driving: 22 percent
  2. DUI first offense:  19 percent
  3. Driving without a license or permit:  18 percent
  4. Careless driving:  16 percent
  5. Speeding 30 mph over the limit: 15 percent
  6. Failure to stop:  15 percent
  7. Improper turn:  14 percent
  8. Improper passing:  14 percent
  9. Following too close/tailgating: 13 percent
  10. Speeding 15 to 29 mph over limit: 12 percent
  11. Speeding 1 to 14 mph over limit: 11 percent
  12. Failure to yield: 9 percent
  13. No car insurance: 6 percent
  14. Seat belt infractions: 3 percent