IntelliChoice and AutoPacific Announce 2013 Motorist Choice Awards Winners

By Jacob Brown | October 22, 2013
High consumer satisfaction and low cost of ownership. Crunch those two criteria together, and you get one heck of an evaluation of how to do a study to find the best washing machine on the market. Or you find out why people buy obnoxious little yip-yip dogs that look more like rodents than Lassie. The two criteria also help determine the 2013 Motorist Choice Awards winners. Put together by our friends at IntelliChoice and AutoPacific, the awards align what customers want in their cars with how much their cars cost to own. Perhaps there's some more weighting on the latter? This is sort of like when I go to the store and want Q-Tips, but I cheap out because the generic ones are $2 less. I leave myself with the bendy cardboard bars that don't really help you clean out your ears too well. In any case, IntelliChoice and AutoPacific crunched the numbers and listed their winners for both popular and premium entrants. They are as follows:
Now, let's crunch some numbers. The Volvo XC90 is but $400 more than a fully equipped Ford Flex, yet they're in different price segments. Also, the Volvo has been on the market since 2002 and is woefully outdated. Up until a $5,000 price cut recently, the Chevrolet Volt was vastly more expensive than the Lexus CT. Both are pretty much on par now. For "Kid Friendly," the Nissan Quest is one of the slowest-selling minivans out there, so we're wondering where their data came from. The Hyundai Equus costs more than most BMW 5 Series models--think about that for a second--the Corvette is about the same price as a Boxster, and the Mini Countryman costs nary less than an Acura ILX. In many cases, it can cost more.
Let's just put it this way: Methodology aside, we wouldn't have made the same picks. Source: IntelliChoice and AutoPacific
Category Popular Winner Premium Winner
Active Lifestyle Toyota FJ Cruiser Porsche Cayenne
Cargo Hauler Ford Flex Volvo XC90
Cosmopolitan Nissan Cube Acura ILX
Eco Friendly Chevrolet Volt Lexus CT 200h
Fun to Drive Volkswagen GTI Porsche Boxster
High Image Toyota Avalon Hybrid Lexus ES
Kid Friendly Nissan Quest Infiniti JX
Luxury Lifestyle Hyundai Equus BMW 5-Series
People Mover Ford Flex Infiniti JX
Performance Chevrolet Corvette Porsche Boxster
Road Trip Ford Flex Lexus RX
Value Nissan Sentra Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
Youthful MINI Countryman Acura ILX